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Who We Are

Elibas Peace International School is a learning center that seeks to produce Kids who are Academically well grounded, Morally upright and adequately equipped as future leaders.

We are a school born out of deep concern to raise the standard of education in NIgeria. Over the years, education seem to be incresingly expensive and difficult to afford, we are here to bridge the gap by providing quality education everyone can afford.

Motto: Intellectual Excellence and Good Morals

Our Vision

The emergence of great and quality leaders is affected by the quality of education provided. Elibas Peace International School is geared towards that, by setting up a strong and solid foundation for the pupil/student to become prominent personalities in our society.






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Progressing to High School

Academics - What we Offer

Kindergarten (Creche)

  • Class 1 - Class 2

With a balance of self-directed play and thoughtful instruction, we get kids to do well. We have facilities to help kids get the best of play as they learn. Our school follows the national educational framework for teaching kids. We show love to the child, to foster oneness from teacher to child and from the child towards others.

Nursery School

  • Nursery 1 - Nursery 2

In line with our vision, our commitment to the learns is to show them love. We will listen to what the child wants to do and how he/she really feels about things. We tailor- make learning using state-of-the art materials and our own unique curriculum to suit the child’s educational and social needs.

Primary School

  • Basic 1 - Basic 6

We help pupils cultivate critical thinking and problem-solving skills while encouraging creativity and vision in all aspects of life. Also, we provide an excellent affordable education in a nurturing living and learning environment where children are discipled and equipped to fulfill God’s purpose for their lives.

Why Choose Us

Digital Technology

Ranging from little child to a grown up adult, everyone needs technology. We take ICT seriously.


We use recommended materials & our own unique curriculum to suit the child’s educational and social needs.

Encouraging words

As a Moral Concious Learning Centre, we commitedly affirm the child through positive reinforcement..


We do Excursions, Inter-house school competitions, Cultural Day, Graduation ceremony etc.


Seasoned and Qualified teachers. They study how your child really feels about things

Fitness and Sports

We provide positive, creative and safe ways of having fun. Here, lasting friendships are formed.